We are looking for some willing participants to help us with our research.

I am a London-based anthropologist, ethnographer and filmmaker. At the moment I am working in collaboration with a number of independent anthropologists and filmmakers on an exciting project that I think may interest you.

The theme of the project is ‘Assamese identity’ – what it means to be Assamese. Last year, we spent six weeks in the Northeast and we plan to return in April of this year to carry out further research. Our initial focus was on elements of material culture that contribute to an Assamese Identity, such as Muga silk, Jaapis and Bihu. We now want to expand on this: language, tribes and borderlands being particular areas of interest.

A part of the project is to speak with the Assamese diaspora. We are looking for Assamese NRIs living in London who would be happy to be interviewed on the subject.

If you, or you know of anyone who would be interested in helping us, please get in touch by e-mail (laurence.avis@icloud.com).

Many thanks,

Laurence Avis