The success of a Bihu event may be measured in many ways – such as its vibrant and enjoyable cultural program, the delicious quality of the food, the virtuoso performance of the guest artiste and of course the opportunity to mingle and mix with friends. However a further metric of success is financial. This is clearly so as, although it would have no immediate impact on the current function, a negative balance sheet at the end of the day can compromise and even place at risk the functions of the future. It is in this context that the following refund policy has been proposed and discussed at the LBC meeting of 08 03 2015 and agreed. Nevertheless, a fundamental goal of the Bihu function is to demonstrate traditional Assamese values of hospitality and generosity of spirit such that, in the event of refund requests, a sensitive and individualised approach is adopted, to take into account the particulars of the request.

1) All requests for refunds must be made in writing to the President or Treasurer and will be assessed on a case by case basis subject to the terms of this policy

2) The standard position (subject to the exceptions below) is that after a date pre-determined by the LBC prior to the relevant year’s Bihu event (“final date“), typically the date by which the caterer has been given final numbers for that year’s event, no refunds will be agreed. For refund requests prior to this date, it would be deemed that sufficient notice has been given and an automatic full refund would be paid. If requests are not made, the money will be retained by the LBC and kept in the general fund by the Treasurer towards funding of future events.

3) Subject to the agreement of both the President and Treasurer, with the implied authority of the Committee based on this agreed policy, refunds after the final date can only be considered under the most exceptional circumstances. For this category, requests must again be written and must be made within 30 days of the passing of the Bihu event. In order to avoid any inconsistency, and to aid their decision, the President and Treasurer would be expected to take into account the following circumstances which are to be used as a guide, i.e. as examples of situations beyond the refund applicant’s (“the applicant”) control, or where there are indisputable compassionate grounds:

a) Bereavement of immediate family member

b) Bereavement – of a close friend such as to require attendance at a funeral within a day or two of the day of the Bihu event

c) Personal acute serious illness or the same, of an immediate family member, or serious injury, such as to require GP or hospital treatment.

4) Appeal mechanism. In the event of doubt or disagreement either amongst the 2 office bearers named above, or in the event of the applicant disagreeing with their joint decision, the refund request can be brought to the full committee (typically the “wash-up” meeting immediately after the Bihu event) and the refund requester will be informed that this is being done. After discussion of the circumstances the President will hold a vote. A simple majority will constitute the final decision – a tied vote would result in a refund. This decision will be relayed to the refund applicant by the Treasurer on behalf of the committee.

Date for review of this policy 08 03 2018